Info in English

HärjaJämt is one of Norrlands nation’s social associations specifically for girl students in Uppsala. The association has its roots in Jämtland and Härjedalen, but is open for girls from all parts of Sweden and all places outside its border. We’re a group of fun and cheerful girls that socialize in many different forms. We have Oppsittje’s (which is our kinds of meetings held during a lovely dinner), have dinners with other associations, have game nights, go for fika’s (a Swedish word for “drinking coffee and eating cake), have pubcrawls, run marathons… The list can go on and on!

We hope that you too will find HJ appealing and that you take the opportunity to join us at one of our upcoming events (which can be found under the tab Kalendarium). Since this webpage is mainly in Swedish, the easiest way to get more information from us is to send an e-mail to our Lill-lisa (, who’s in charge of keeping contact with curious girls who are thinking about joining our association, or Allstans (, the president of the association. They will be able to answer questions in English and even translate our event info’s for you.